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A freight warehouse, also known as a cargo warehouse or distribution center, is a facility used for the storage, handling, and management of goods and materials as they move through the supply chain. These warehouses play a crucial role in the logistics and transportation industry, serving as intermediate points where goods are temporarily stored, consolidated, and processed before being shipped to their final destinations.

As one of the essential elements in the logistics industry, the cargo warehouse plays an important role in the entire circulation operation. Its functions have developed from simple storage and storage and storage to material receiving, classification, measurement, packaging, sorting, distribution, deposit, and trading. The logistics warehouse follows the principle of flow during design so that the stored products can flow directly throughout the warehouse facilities, continuously allocate and sort out, and achieve low cost and high profits through the optimization configuration of resources.


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steel structure Freight Warehouse

The main layout of the freight warehouse is: to maximize storage in the warehouse stereo space, minimize cargo handling operations in the warehouse and library area, and diversify functional services in specific areas of the warehouse library area. This determines the characteristics of large space, high reserves, high density, and easy flow of the freight warehouse.

Because the proportion of structural costs in the construction of a freight warehouse is very large, it directly affects the return on investment in the project. By choosing what structured forms are selected, the project cost is reduced while ensuring the safety of the building. The development process is very important. Modern logistics warehousing adopts a light steel structure is a good choice. While satisfying large spaces and large spans, it is relatively low and the construction period is relatively shorter than the concrete structure.

Because the logistics warehousing warehouse is to meet the two functions of logistics and warehousing at the same time, the requirements for space and loads are different from ordinary warehouses and factories. The steel structure has been reasonably applied in construction engineering due to its lightweight, high strength, strong shock resistance, sound insulation, thermal insulation, and good comfort. The steel structure has the conditions for green buildings and is a building that is conducive to protecting the environment and saving energy. It meets the development of the times and the needs of the market. It has become the mainstream of the cargo warehouse building.

In the design stage of construction engineering, after meeting many functions of the building, the control of engineering cost is the main content that each investor is most concerned about. standard. In order to find survival and development in the increasingly fierce design market competition, to provide owners with high-quality design products, and improve the economy of design products is the goal of K-HOME’s efforts.

Steel freight warehouse construction process: raw material inspection → steel structure component production → component production quality inspection → component transportation in order of installation order → steel column installation → steel column correction → diagonal beam ground group work → sloping beam installation, installation bolt fixation → steel column heavy school → High -intensity bolt fastening → resumed school → installation of pupa, rods, tie rods, support and roof panels → steel structure freight warehouse acceptance.

  1. Provincial steel quantity saves investment: near the same conditions as steel concrete structures in the same conditions, and can save a lot of wood, cement, and other building materials.
  2. Prevent leakage, ideal effect: The roof and wall material of the steel structure cargo warehouse mainly uses a color pressure plate or clipping plate. The slope design of the steel structure freight warehouse is generally 1/10~1/15. After the roof pressure steel plate is reliable, it is fixed on the steel bars. Rainwater can be discharged directly to the inner and outer sky ditch. The hard plastic PVC pipe is quickly discharged to the sewage pipe or outdoor ditch to ensure the requirements of preventing rainwater leakage in the plant.
  3. Shorten the construction period: Because the steel structure cargo warehouse is light, it is generally required to meet the carrying requirements as only the underpowered concrete foundation. As a result, the construction cycle was shortened to save construction investment.
  4. Fast supply and convenient installation: The materials used in the steel structure of the steel structure are conventional materials. Most of the criminal plates and accessories used in the fence system, as well as the C-type and Z-type steel bars, are mostly stocks. Generally, a single-layer steel structure warehouse of about 10,000 square meters takes only 4 to 5 months from design to delivery. It can shorten the construction period or even more than the factory building of the reinforced concrete structure.
  5. Beautiful appearance and empty internal: Light steel structure plant or warehouse color is chosen according to needs, arbitrarily adjusted, and freely combined. The roof pressure plate, especially the color of the wall, has the characteristics of light quality, high efficiency, colorful color, and beautiful shape. In addition to it as a wall, it also has the effect of decorative panels. The building structure of the steel structure of the steel structure can be designed according to its production process performance and owner’s requirements. Their structural system can maximize the performance of steel, which makes the steel structure cargo warehouse open and the utilization rate is high.

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