Metal Storage Building (Malaysia)

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This is our metal storage building project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a total of four buildings. Each building has a clear internal space span to meet the requirements of workshop production with enough space and access to forklifts and trucks.

At first, the K-home team carried out the design and planning according to the customer’s customized needs, and in constant communication with the project manager, finally completed all the design, production, and delivery work within 3 months.

Compared to traditional buildings, Metal Storage buildings can save a lot of time, energy, and money. This can help those who have limited budgets or those whose projects are urgent.

In fact, Metal Storage Building can reduce construction time, and cost required for people, various machinery, or other needs. The Metal Storage Building makes the construction process easier and can be established and assembled within a few days, not a few weeks or months of traditional buildings.

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Advantages of Metal Storage Building:

1. greatly save construction time, construction is not affected by the season

2. Reduce construction waste and environmental pollution

3. Building materials can be reused, pulling the development of other new building materials industries

4. Good seismic performance, easy to transform, flexible, convenient, giving comfortable feelings, etc.

5. High strength, self-healing, and high components are high, reducing building cost

How Do You Build a Metal Storage Building?

The steel structure is machined in a professional gold structure manufacturing plant to process hot-rolled steel or cold bending steel into a member or a structure (assembly of the member) and then transported to the construction site.

The prefabrication and assembly of steel components are required on the cement platform, and the quality of the welding production is guaranteed.

In order to facilitate welding, the welding quality is guaranteed, and the column, the reinforcement plate, the connecting plate, the pad, and the beam (beam) or the like are set on the ground steel platform. Welding.

The preformed steel components performed on the steel platform are required to make assembly in accordance with construction drawings and specifications, and changes in process and mounting dimensions in the field installation should also be considered.

We will provide the full set of construction drawings for you. If you are not familiar with steel structure building, we can also provide you with a 3D design. It will be much easier to understand.

How Far Can a Metal Building Span?

The span of Metal Storage Building generally follows the common practice in general architectural modulus, the three meters of multiple is 18 meters, 21 meters, etc., but if there is a special need to set it to non-modular size, it needs to be customized.

In construction engineering, the large span steel structure building refers to the span of 24m.

In general, the larger the span, the lower the cost. Of course, the span is arranged in accordance with its needs of itself, the design is different, the span is different, and of course, the requirements of the post-range distance are also very different.

The amount of steel required for the steel structure building is the raw material cost.

Technical costs often become another main factor affecting the cost of steel structure building. Steel structural building production refers to the design and installation and construction. The design of steel structure building and the process technology used will affect the cost of steel structural building.

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