Steel Structure Office Building in Kenya

The Kenya 58x75x28 Metal Office Building is located in Mombasa, and the project is expected to be completed within one month. We stood out from many competitors and were favored by customers.

After visiting our factory, the customer was very satisfied with the scale of our workshop and the quality of our products, and soon signed a cooperation agreement with us, considering that the progress requirements of this project are relatively urgent.

We also started multiple production lines to process the materials of this project at the same time and produced the materials well in advance. The customers highly recognized our efficiency and passed the acceptance after completion. The customer is full of praise for our services and promises to continue to cooperate with us in future steel structure building projects.

The PEB Steel Building

With excellent product quality, good reputation and reputation, our Khome reputation has been continuously improved, and our products are selling well at home and abroad.

We solve problems in the field of steel structures for customers, provide high-quality high-tech products, and provide a complete set of solutions according to customer requirements. We wholeheartedly provide every customer with quality service and steel structure buildings.

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Advantages of Metal Office Building

Metal Office Buildings are fast in construction and environmentally friendly. Because of their many outstanding advantages, they are gradually accepted by more and more people. The advantages of the metal office building are as follows:

Anti-seismic. The metal office building has lightweight, high bearing capacity, strong seismic performance, and strong ability to defend against earthquakes. According to relevant surveys, the number of damage and cracking of metal office buildings is far less than that of concrete structure buildings.

The metal office building has high reliability because the whole process of steel production can be strictly controlled, the quality is stable, and the performance is reliable metal office building is widely used and has been widely used in industrial plants, garages, office buildings, and venues.

The metal office building has good sealing performance, and the steel structure adopts a welding connection, which can be made into normal pressure and high-pressure structures and pipes with good water tightness and airtightness.

The strength of the material is high, and the weight of the steel structure itself is small. Although the material density of the steel is large, its strength and elastic modulus are high. Under the same stress conditions, the cross-sectional area of ​​the steel structure parts is much smaller. Its own weight is small.

The steel structure is easy to manufacture, and the installation period is short. The assembly can be connected by high-strength bolts of the steel structure, and sometimes it can be assembled into a very large unit on the ground, and then hoisted. The installation period is short and the economic benefits are improved. Because the steel structure has the characteristics of connection, it is easy to reinforce, rebuild, and demolish.

Simple maintenance and low cost. The metal office building made of ordinary steel is shot blasted and then painted with qualified paint, and the rust is not serious. Because the office is mostly in an environment without corrosive medium, the maintenance cost of the steel structure itself is low.

Metal Office Building Suited for Codes and Loads

Metal Office Buildings have become one of the main buildings of modern factory buildings. In order to make metal workshop building more suitable for the development requirements of society, we should pay attention to the following factors when designing steel structure workshops.

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