Steel Exhibition Hall Kit Design(40×118)

This 40 x 118 steel structure exhibition hall designed by K-HOME is one of the ideal solutions for exhibition architecture. Excellent steel structure buildings are not only safe but also environmentally friendly and green buildings. Due to the high strength of steel, the steel structure skeleton formed by the combination of section steel (including steel plate) and high-strength steel wire (welding, high-strength bolts) has the characteristics of a green building.

Three core values are inherent in steel structures: the lightest structure; the shortest construction period; the best ductility. In the whole life cycle of the building, the maximum saving, the lightest structural and high strength and compression height (energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving), protect the environment and reduce pollution, and provide people with healthy, adaptable and efficient use space, architecture that coexists in harmony with nature.

The steel exhibition hall provides human beings with a healthy and comfortable space for activities, and at the same time uses energy with the highest efficiency, minimizes the shortest construction period for factory welding, and assembles high-strength bolts on the site to assemble buildings that affect the environment. Energy-saving; building adaptation to climate; recycling of material resources; respect for users; respect for the geographical environment; overall design concept.

40x 118 Exhibition Hall

Description of 40 x 118 Exhibition Hall

  • Material: The steel structure is made of high-quality steel from domestic large-scale steel mills, and Q235B and Q345B steel in line with national standards
  • Welding: Ambush automatic welding is adopted to ensure the uniform size of the welding feet and the smooth and beautiful weld bead.
  • Shot blasting and rust removal: The steel structure is sprayed with beads from eight directions at the same time, which meets the Sa2.5 standard and completely removes rust stains.
  • Spray paint: spray anti-rust primer on the surface; the steel structure can get the best anti-rust function
  • Modern building system: The steel structure is optimized by advanced CAD-aided design software, processed with high-precision mechanical equipment, and can be assembled on site.
  • Advanced welding process: Submerged arc automatic welding and CO2 protection welding are adopted, and high-quality welding wire to ensure the quality of welding seam and components.
  • Completely free of rust stains and erosion: Shot blasting and rust removal technology with eight nozzles for steel structures meet the Sa2.5 standard.
  • The best anti-rust function: the surface is sprayed with anti-rust primer to ensure the quality of the steel structure.
  • Purlin: It is used to support the roof steel plate and provide lateral support to the steel beam. It adopts C-section and continuous span scheme to provide the owner with a more economical and effective solution.
  • Surrounding beam: It is used to support the steel plate on the wall, and adopts C-shaped sections, which is convenient for beautiful cooperation with doors and windows.
  • Raw material: High-tensile steel plate, with a minimum yield strength of 3,510kg/cm2, in line with the American ASTM A653M Grade D specification.

Features of Steel Exhibition Hall

  1. Lightweight
    Although the bulk density of the steel structure buildings is large, its strength is much higher than that of other building materials. Therefore, when the load and conditions are the same, the steel structure building is lighter than other structures, which is convenient for transportation and installation and can span more large spans. The low cost is about half of the concrete structure, which can greatly reduce the basic cost,
  2. Good plasticity and toughness of steel
    The plasticity is good so that the steel structure will not break suddenly due to accidental overloading or local overloading. Good toughness makes the steel structure buildings more adaptable to dynamic loads. These properties of steel provide a sufficient guarantee for the safety and reliability of the steel structure buildings.
  3. Steel is closer to a homogeneous and isotropic body
    The internal structure of steel is relatively uniform, very close to a homogeneous and isotropic body, and is almost completely elastic within a certain stress range. These properties are more in line with the assumptions in the mechanical calculation, so the calculation results of the steel structure buildings are more in line with the actual stress situation. It has good seismic performance and can avoid the collapse and damage of buildings; the actual working performance of the steel structure building is more in line with the calculation theory, and the reliability is high.
  4. Good heat resistance but poor fire resistance
    Steel materials are heat-resistant, and have good air-tight and water-tight, but not resistant to high temperatures. As the temperature increases, the strength decreases. When there is radiant heat around and the temperature is above 150 degrees, shielding measures should be taken. In the event of a fire, when the temperature of the structure reaches 500 degrees or more, it may all collapse instantaneously. In order to improve the fire-resistance rating of the steel structure, it is usually wrapped with concrete or with bricks.
  1. Easy to rust
    Steel is easy to rust, and protective measures should be taken. Steel is prone to rust in humid environments, especially in environments with corrosive media, and must be painted or galvanized, and it should be regularly maintained during use.

Advantages of Steel Structure Buildings

  1. Easy to manufacture and installation period is short
    The steel structure building is composed of various profiles and is easy to manufacture. All steel structural components can be manufactured in the factory and assembled on site. The factory’s mechanized manufacturing of steel structural components have high finished product precision, high production efficiency, fast construction site assembly speed, and a short construction period. It is a structure with a high degree of industrialization. Because a large number of steel structures are manufactured in specialized factories with high precision, the fabricated components are transported to the site for assembly, bolted, and light in structure, so the construction is convenient and the construction period is short. In addition, the completed steel structure buildings can be easily dismantled, strengthened, or retrofitted.
  2. Environment-friendly and pollution-free
    Compared with traditional buildings, steel structure buildings can better meet the requirements of flexible separation of large bays in buildings and improve the area utilization rate. During the construction of the steel structure building, the amount of sand, stone, and ash is greatly reduced, and the materials used are mainly recyclable materials, which will not cause construction waste. Steel structure buildings meet the requirements of national industrialization and sustainable development.
  3. Good appearance
    The steel structure can be used to design new room types of various shapes, colors, scales, and spaces according to people’s different aesthetics and functional requirements, and the appearance is beautiful and atmospheric.

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