Prefab Steel Structure Factory Building ( China )

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Product: Steel Structure Factory
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Factory
Area: 2400 ㎡
Time: 2020
Location: China

Steel Structure Factory Building
Steel Structure Factory Building


K-home designed and processed a steel structure factory building project in Wuhan, China. The front of the factory is used as an office. The entire workshop is 80 meters long and 30 meters wide. It is 6 meters high and the mezzanine is 3 meters high.

We provide a complete set of prefab factory building components, including rock wool wall panels, rolling doors, double doors, aluminum alloy windows, exhaust fans, lighting tiles, drains, downpipes, decorative strips, etc. After all the steel structural components are delivered to the site, the customer installs them according to the drawings.

The PEB Steel Building

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Why Choose the Steel Structure to Build a Factory?

1. Recyclable

Quality continues to improve, the price is gradually declining, the cost of steel structure also correspondingly has a relatively large reduction, so in the modern factory, design is increasingly used.

However, the light steel structure building fire resistance level is low, large space, large span plant on the fire partition and put forward new requirements, some of these problems can be solved by technical measures, some are not yet very good solutions.

2. Saving cost

Since steel is very durable and requires little maintenance, it is a more economical choice for owners. Even over the course of 50 years or more, maintenance costs, repair, and replacement costs are minimal, saving the building owner a significant amount of money over the life of the building.

3. Cost reduction

Reduce labor cost: Since most warehouses are prefabricated, construction time can be reduced by as much as 30% to 50% or more depending on the experience level of the builder. Time is money, so the faster you can build, the less money you will spend on labor.

Lower maintenance costs: Because of the low maintenance cost of steel structures, building owners can save on routine maintenance, repair, and replacement costs throughout the life of the building.

4. Easy to maintain

Unlike wood structures, steel factory has a longer life span and can withstand storms, heavy snow, and other disasters, which increases the durability of steel buildings.

Because the structure is strong and durable, it greatly reduces the chances of its breakage or damage, without frequent replacement or repair of various parts of the warehouse, as long as regular inspection and some simple maintenance can be, easy and simple to maintain.

5. Stable and durable

Steel structures are resistant to many common wood threats, such as rot, mold, pests, and fire, in addition to being carefully designed to resist snow, wind, and earthquakes, which is why they are often the buildings that don’t collapse after a typhoon.

When communities need disaster evacuation centers, cities turn to steel gymnasiums, schools, and other municipal buildings, which are reliable, resilient buildings in the area.

6. Easy to build

These models use the same nuts and bolts for the entire system, which simplifies setup, and everything lines up in an orderly fashion so there are no problems fitting the different parts together, whether it’s a garage, a barn, or even a warehouse, a new steel building can be built quickly.

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