Galvanized Steel building (Georgia Project)

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The two galvanized steel building projects were custom-made according to the requirements of the Georgian client. The client requested that each building have a multifunctional workshop and living area without columns or trusses inside.

For his workshop entrance, the client decided to use one 17’X8′ and one 15’X15′ garage door to provide easy access for the transportation of his machinery and work materials. There is a pedestrian door on the side for safe entry and exit of employees.

Galvanized Steel Building

One of the benefits of having an already pre-engineered steel building, in addition to being more cost-effective, is that you are able to translate your ideas into reality without having to worry about your structural skeleton. To match the Georgian weather, the client decided to use bi-pitched roof and wall insulation for safety and energy efficiency.


What is galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel is a widely used building project material. This steel is coated with a zinc oxide finish, making it superior to plain steel. Galvanized steel is most often used in pipes, roofs, support beams, wall braces, and residential framing.

The surface of steel is treated by zinc coating, this zinc coating provides protection and prevents rusting. The most common is called “hot dip” galvanizing. This involves immersing the steel in molten zinc. It is a simple process that keeps waste to a minimum, as the vat of zinc can be used again and again.

The PEB Steel Building

Advantages of galvanized steel buildings

As you can imagine, there are a number of reasons that steel buildings are typically constructed using galvanized steel. Those reasons are as diverse as they are numerous, so we have highlighted a few key advantages below.

Initial Costs

The initial cost associated with galvanized steel is generally lower than that of other treated steels. Galvanized steel also does not require any additional work on arrival, saving you further time and money.

Long-Term Costs

The coating applied during galvanization is incredibly strong, giving it impressive durability. This means less likelihood of necessary maintenance, repairs, and re-coating. In other words, you can save quite a bit of money over the lifespan of your building.


Steel is a recyclable material, meaning that the materials used in your building are likely at least partly recycled, and your building can be recycled in the future, too. Also, the durability of galvanized steel gives it a long lifespan, leading to less waste. So, if you want to go green, go galvanized!


To clean and maintain your galvanized steel building, all you have to do is clean them once a year. This usually involves simply spraying them with alkaline water, then wiping dry. It does not get much easier than that!


This point has been mentioned a few times, but it is worth repeating—galvanized steel buildings last a long time. Sometimes, more than 50 years! This carries several connotations, from cost savings to sustainability.


Galvanization gives your steel one of the toughest coatings in the industry, making damage less likely. From transport to facing the elements, galvanized steel withstands just about every challenge thrown at it. This makes galvanized steel ideal for most metal building applications, especially those in harsh environments.

Construction Times

Galvanized steel parts do not require any extra preparation. As soon as they arrive, they are ready to be installed. This cuts down on construction times dramatically, allowing you to install and use your building quicker than many alternative methods.

Easy Inspections

Any defects in galvanized steel are easy to spot. If the coating looks uniform, This saves you time and worries when you do perform your annual building inspection

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