Steel Horse Riding Arena (Ireland Project)

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The increasing popularity and expansion of sports require higher functional and multi-purpose sports facilities. Sports facilities are unique because they must adapt to many different sports activities in most cases. At this time, custom design Steel Horse Riding Arena is the perfect solution. If you are an investor, the steel structure building is a good choice.

One of our more recognized and popular uses for our steel buildings is the Steel Riding Arena which we help customers design and personalize.

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Steel Horse Riding Arena Features:

Steel structure engineering is very energy-saving

 The cold roof is colored with white paint can keep the room cool in the room with white paint. The wall of steel structure engineering is easy to heat between the frames to maintain warmth and no additional energy. Steel is recyclable and composed of recyclable materials. Appropriate ventilation. Compared to the advantages of the wooden race.

advantages of durability and energy efficiency

 Ma likes chewing, the wooden aerate may become a snack for visiting animals. If the wood is treated, the wood may contain toxic chemicals for animals to extend their life cycle. Wood is also easy to mold, rotten, and termites, mice, or other pests. It can split, crack and split, which weakens its ability to support the roof.

 On the other hand, steel is unlikely to be eaten by a horse or other animal, bird, or insect. Although it is painted with a coating that prevents corrosion, the non-toxic coating and paint will ensure that the horse will not be sick, if they happen to bite some horse stables. The steel structure has a high strength weight ratio so that it can be supported across the long open space. Its weight is lighter than the equivalent amount of wood required to construct the same facility, but the strength is much larger. The steel structure is not warped.

low maintenance costs

The steel structure does not require too much maintenance, and it is easy to clean when it is blurred. The liquid does not penetrate into the steel and leaves a stain. Steel Items need to be cleaned with mild soap and some water, and there is no need. Steel can be treated with disinfectants without damage. Steel components are rarely broken, but if it is broken, it is easy to replace. The total cost of the steel arena is not affected by the maintenance cost, and the maintenance cost of other building materials is much higher. If you ask a competition

The color of the field is not steel gray, you can get a variety of colors, textures, and pigment types, which will use a lifetime.


Steel structural engineering is flexible and easy to replace. The flexibility of design allows you to create a stage that best suits you. A steel arena can be any size or shape while maintaining its center open space. If you no longer need a horseback agency, the building can be reconfigured into almost any other type of structure. The multi-functionality of the steel structure makes it easy to establish a variety of expansion projects.

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