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Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings | Can be used in Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial, Residential Buildings.

What is Pre Engineered Metal Building?

Pre Engineered metal buildings, are components, including roof, wall, and frame are pre-manufactured inside the factory and then sent to your construction site by shipping container, the building needs to be assembled on your construction site, that’s why it is named Pre-Engineered Building.

In structural engineering, Pre-engineered metal building suppliers or PEB manufacturers design prefabricated buildings with a single design to use various materials and methods for construction to meet various structural and aesthetic design requirements. It is a convenient, cost-effective alternative building.

In sharp contrast, a building is constructed according to a design created specifically for the building. And it is more cost-effective, customizable, and quick to build and erect than traditional cement brick buildings.


K-HOME is one of the trusted factory manufacturers in China. From structural design to installation, our team can handle various complex projects. You will receive a prefabricated structure solution that best suits your needs.

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1. Design

K-Home is a comprehensive company that can provide one professional design. From Architectural drawings, steel structure layout, the installation guide layout, etc.

Every designer in our team has at least 10 years of experience. You don’t have to worry about the unprofessional design affecting the safety of the building.

A professional design can help you save costs because we clearly know how to adjust and give you the most cost-effective solution, few companies will do this.

2. Manufacturing

Our factory has 2 production workshops with large production capacity and short delivery time. Generally, the lead time is around 15 days. All production is an assembly line, and each link is responsible and controlled by professional personnel. The important things are rust removal, welding, and painting.

Rust Remove: The steel frame uses shot blasting to remove the rust, reaching the Sa2.0 standard, Improve the roughness of the workpiece and the adhesion of the paint.

Welding: welding rod we choose is a J427welding rod or J507welding rod, they can make welding seam without defects. Read More

Painting: The standard color of the paint is white and gray(customizable). There are 3 layers in total, the first layer, the middle layer, the face layer, the total paint thickness is around 125μm~150μm based on the local environment.

3. Mark and Transportation

K-Home attaches great importance to marking, transportation, and packaging. Although there are many parts, in order to make you clear and reduce the site work, we mark each part with labels and take photos.

In addition, K-Home has rich experience in packing. the packing location of the parts will be planned in advance and the maximum usable space, as far as possible to reduce the number of packings for you and reduce the cost of shipping.

4. Detailed Installation Service

Before you received the cargo, a full set of installation files will be sent to you. You can download our sample installation file below for your reference. There are detailed house parts sizes, marks.

Also, If this is the first time for you to install the steel building, our engineer will customize 3d installation guide for you. You don’t need to worry about the installation.

Details of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

After being assembled by a professional installation team, the project shows very good strength, earthquake resistance, wind resistance, energy-saving, etc.

Steel Structure

The material for the steel frame has different choices, such as Q235B, Q355B, which is our regular material in the market. Should you need a customized one, also let us know.

Enclosure system

The enclosure system can be chosen from a single-layer steel sheet or sandwich panel which needs insulation between 2 steel sheets, and cement brick at local. The insulation of the sandwich panel usually is EPS, PU, Rock wool, or PU sealed rock wool.

Enclosure System of the Steel Factory Buildings

What Is The Enclosure System Of The Steel Factory Buildings? No matter what kind of building it is, during the construction process, a weighing skeleton that supports the entire building…

Roof system

It is the same as the wall panel system, but mostly uses a steel plate or sandwich panel, which is easy to fix and install. Also, you can add a special drainage system on the roof that could prevent rainwater leak into the building from the top.

Why use the Clear Span?

Unlimited Installation Time

Greatly save construction time, and the construction is not affected by the season.

Bigger Utilization Space

Increase the use area of residential space; reduce construction waste and environmental pollution.

Durable Structure

High strength, lightweight, high safety, and wealth of components, reducing building cost.

Earthquake Resistance

Good seismic performance, is easy to transform, is flexible and convenient in use, and brings comfort to people, etc.

Durable Structure

Building materials can be reused, stimulating the development of other new building materials industries.

Energy Saving

In line with the national sustainable development strategy, low-carbon, green, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving lamps are the key industries supported by the state.

FAQs about Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

The cost of a steel structure project per square meter is determined by the nature of the steel structure building. At the same time, the three main factors that affect the construction cost of the steel structure building are the amount of material, the price of the material, and the construction cost.

According to the latest steel market in 2021, for a standard factory building, there are no cranes between $40-80 per flat, and between $80-120 for cranes. The overall construction cost is less than 10 meters, and the light steel structure workshop is about $120 per square meter. 10m-12m, generally around $150-200/square meter cost. Further Reading

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Have questions or need help? Before we start, you should know that almost all prefab steel buildings are customized.

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