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The steel structure is a very representative green building material. The advantages of steel structure are very obvious. The integrated factory building of steel structure can achieve a mechanization rate of more than 90%, which can reduce labor by more than half.

Therefore, in the current green transformation of buildings, steel structure is an important choice. The recycling and utilization of second-hand steel structures are also very important, which can save a lot of resources.

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Steel structure workshops are a rapidly developing field in recent years, and the use of light steel structure workshops accounts for more than 50% of the investment in non-residential buildings. This kind of structure has a high degree of industrialization and commercialization, fast construction, high comprehensive benefits, and great market demand.

There are already a variety of low-level, multi-layer and high-level design schemes and examples. Because it can achieve large span and large space, flexible separation and use, fast construction speed, and favorable earthquake resistance, it has a great impact on the traditional plant structure model.

The various components or parts are usually connected by welding bolts or rivets, which is one of the main types of building structures.

Why Choose Steel Structure as Automotive Center?

The biggest advantage of using steel structure is that it is completely environmentally friendly and recyclable resources, which will not pollute the environment. Under normal circumstances, traditional buildings generate 200 kilograms of waste per square meter, and a building of 50,000 square meters emits about 10,000 wastes. Construction waste accounts for 30%-50% of urban waste.

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What Affected The Life Span of The Prefabricated Building?

The life of a general reinforced concrete structure workshop is about 60 years, and the life of a brick-concrete structure workshop is about 50 years. So what is the life of the steel structure workshop?

In theory, the life of the steel is indefinite, but if the influence of environmental factors is considered, the life of the steel structure workshop is generally 100 years. So, what are the factors that affect the service life of the steel structure workshop?

1. Corrosion resistance

For steel structures that are exposed to the air for a long time or are often in a wet and dry environment, they are more prone to rust damage.

The harm of corrosion to the steel structure is not only limited to the uniform weakening of the effective section of the steel, but also the resulting local rust pits will lead to stress concentration, which will reduce the bearing capacity of the structure and cause brittle failure.

2. Weld ability of steel

The weld ability of steel refers to the performance of the weld connection that can meet the quality requirements under the given structural form and welding process conditions. Steels with poor welding performance are prone to brittle cracks in the heat-affected zone of welding, and the welding quality cannot be guaranteed unless a specific complex welding process is adopted.

The welding performance of steel can be tested by testing the specimens of the weld to determine the fatigue strength, plasticity and impact toughness of the weld and its heat-affected zone.

Therefore, in order to prolong the life of the steel structure workshop, it is necessary to overcome the above factors, and the anti-corrosion method of the steel structure workshop is mainly to apply anti-corrosion paint on the surface of the steel structure to slow down the speed of steel corrosion.

In improving the refractory performance, a better protection method is to add Mo, Nb and other metal elements to the steel, reduce the content of sulfur and phosphorus in the steel, and then do appropriate external treatment.

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