Prefabricated shop buildings are composed of steel as the skeleton of the building and a new type of thermal insulation steel skeleton light plate as the enclosure structure, the steel frame light plate is produced and installed in the factory, it only needs to transport the plate to the construction site and connect it with welding and bolts.

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Steel Structure Design

According to the development in recent years, steel structure buildings have gradually replaced traditional reinforced concrete structures, and steel structures have many advantages in the actual application process that traditional buildings cannot be more beautiful, such as fast construction time, low cost, and easy installation. , the pollution is small, and the cost can be controlled. Therefore, we rarely see unfinished projects in steel structures.

Pre Engineered Metal Building

Pre Engineered metal building, its components, including roof, wall, and frame are pre-manufactured inside the factory and then sent to your construction site by shipping container, the building needs to be assembled on your construction site, that’s why it is named Pre-Engineered Building.






3D Metal Building Design

The design of the metal buildings is mainly divided into two parts: architectural design and structural design. The architectural design is mainly based on the design principles of applicability, safety, economy, and beauty, and introduces the design concept of green building, which requires comprehensive consideration of all factors affecting the design.

Metal Shop Buildings Design

The first task is to be familiar with the drawings as a whole, carefully read and understand the architectural design instructions and structural design instructions, and summarize the relevant information that you think you need to know in the process of calculation.

For example material specifications and models of roof panels, wall panels, gutter, main Material and material of steel frame, crane beam, purlin, etc., as well as steel surface treatment requirements, etc.

Due to the different materials used by different manufacturers and different quotation methods, the prices of steel shop buildings are also very different.

Span and Height

A metal shop building with a span of 15 meters is a watershed. Greater than 15 meters, the cost per unit area will decrease with the increase of the span, but if the span is less than 15 meters the span is reduced, and the cost per unit area will increase instead.

The standard height of the steel structure is generally 6-8 meters. The increase in height will affect the safety of the structure, so the amount of steel used in the steel structure will also increase, which will ultimately affect the cost of the entire metal shop building.

Material Fee

The material of metal shop buildings is mainly steel, and its price is relatively stable.

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Labor Cost

The labor cost of metal shop buildings construction, generally a simple single-story steel warehouse construction time is about 3 months, and the labor needs 20 people. According to the average monthly salary of each person, the corresponding cost can be calculated.

Other Factor

Technical and project costs are included. The process cost includes preliminary design and drawing, which many manufacturers do not consider, but the detailed design will reduce the waste of the later construction process.

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1. High material strength, lightweight, high steel strength and high elastic modulus. Compared with concrete and wood, the ratio of its density to yield strength is relatively low, so under the same stress conditions, the steel structure has a small cross-section and is lightweight, which is convenient for transportation and installation, and is suitable for large spans, high heights, and heavy loads. Structure.

2. The steel has good toughness, good plasticity, uniform material, high structural reliability, is suitable for bearing impact and dynamic load, and has good seismic performance. The internal structure of steel is uniform, close to an isotropic homogeneous body. The actual working performance of the steel structure is more in line with the calculation theory. Therefore, the reliability of the steel structure is high.

3. Steel structure manufacturing and installation with a high degree of mechanization Steel structure components are easy to manufacture in factories and assemble on site. The factory’s mechanized manufacturing of steel structural components has high precision, high production efficiency, fast assembly speed on-site, and short construction period. The steel structure is the most industrialized structure.

4. Good sealing performance of steel structure. Because the welded structure can be completely sealed, it can be made into high-pressure containers, large oil pools, pressure pipes, etc. with good air tightness and water tightness.

1. The steel structure is heat-resistant and not fire-resistant

When the temperature is below 150 °C, the properties of the steel change little. Therefore, the steel structure is suitable for hot workshops, but when the surface of the structure is exposed to heat radiation of about 150 ° C, it should be protected by a heat insulation board. When the temperature is 300℃-400℃. The strength and elastic modulus of the steel decreased significantly, and the strength of the steel tended to zero when the temperature was around 600 °C. In buildings with special fire requirements, the steel structure must be protected with refractory materials to improve the fire resistance rating.

Fireproofing Methods for Steel Structures

Fireproofing Methods for Steel Structures

The steel structure has the advantages of light building weight, a small cross-section of components, a high degree of mechanized construction, and less on-site installation work. Structures assembled under the…

Rock Wool Sandwich Panel in Steel Structure

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2. Poor corrosion resistance of steel structures

Especially in the environment of tide and corrosive media, it is easy to rust. Generally, the steel structure needs to be rusted, zinc, or painted, and it needs to be regularly maintained.

1. The construction of the steel structure metal buildings is rapid, and the emergency advantages are apparent, which can meet the sudden storage needs of the enterprise.

2. The steel structure of metal buildings is dry construction, which has outstanding environmental protection advantages. It can reduce the impact of project construction on the environment and nearby residents, which is better than the wet construction of reinforced concrete buildings.

3. Steel structure metal buildings can save construction costs and workers’ costs, compared with traditional concrete warehouses. The cost of building a steel structure warehouse is 20% to 30% lower than a typical warehouse construction cost, and it is more secure and stable.

4. The steel structure is light in weight, and the building materials used in the walls and roof are much lighter than those in brick-concrete walls and terracotta roofs, which can effectively reduce the overall weight of the steel structure warehouse without compromising its structural stability. At the same time, it can also reduce the transportation cost of components formed by off-site migration.

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