The steel warehouse building is warmly welcomed by people because the roof load is light, the cross-section of the components is small, the sampling is convenient, and the construction time is short. Due to this advantage, which saves time and cost to a great extent, steel warehouse building is more competitive.

Prefab Metal Warehouse: Design, Type, Cost

Raw material factor

Raw material factor Steel is the main frame of the steel warehouse building, accounting for about 70%-80% of the total cost of the steel warehouse building. The fluctuation of the market price of steel structure raw materials directly affects the cost of the steel warehouse building. The material and loading surface of the section steel, the thickness of the cladding and the price of the material vary greatly. The raw material of steel structure is the main factor affecting the cost of steel structure workshop.

In fact, for material procurement, the main thing is to control the price in the project cost. Due to the wide variety of materials in the construction market with different prices, how to choose the source of materials is very important. The supplier shall analyze the market material price and material price provided by the buyer, and negotiate with the owner to select a reasonable material procurement method to reduce the project procurement cost and improve the project economic benefits.

Factors of plant design

Factors of plant design, reasonable design of steel structure plant scheme is the key issue to control cost. The different design options of the plant directly affect the amount of steel used. In order to control the amount and cost of steel, the scheme of the steel structure workshop should be reasonably designed.

The base cost is closely related to the plant geology. The basic construction period is about 25% of the total construction period of the factory, and the cost also accounts for 15% of the total cost. Unqualified basic construction quality and improper selection of material quality will result in the failure of the steel structure workshop load to be well transmitted to the foundation, increasing the direct load force of the factory and increasing the dynamic load borne by the factory.

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construction period and installation

The length of the construction period of the construction and installation factors is also a part of the cost of the steel structure workshop. Skilled installation technology is the main reason for the length of the construction period. The construction of structural workshop is a systematic project involving a wide range, many influencing factors, construction period, policy changes and a large amount of engineering.

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Other factors

The construction of a steel structure workshop is a systematic large-scale project, and labor costs, construction period, policy changes, and engineering quantities will all affect the cost of the steel structure workshop.

1. Foundation embedded parts, generally buried underground, are mainly used to fix steel beams, which can stabilize the main structure of the steel structure workshop.

2. Steel columns and steel beams are the main load-bearing components of the workshop, which mainly bear the longitudinal load of the entire steel structure. Their function is to bear the load of the steel structure workshop from the outside and the workshop, to ensure that the longitudinal direction of the skeleton of the steel structure workshop remains unchanged, and to bear the longitudinal pressure.

3. Wall and roof. It mainly bears the lateral load outside the workshop. On the one hand, it forms a longitudinal structure with steel columns and steel beams to provide horizontal traction; on the other hand, it connects the independent plane structures into a spatial overall structure, providing the necessary longitudinal rigidity, integrity and stability of the workshop. The roof structure of the factory building plays a crucial role in the stability of the entire structure.

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4. The steel roof mainly bears the external longitudinal load of the workshop. In addition to shielding the workshop from wind and rain, its main function is to bear and transmit horizontal loads to ensure the overall spatial function of the structure.

Warehouses are places where supplies are stored as basic storage facilities. In order to respond to various demands for warehouse buildings in the market, steel warehouse building and concrete warehouse building have become the two most popular warehouse structures on the market today. For enterprises, which one is better for warehouse construction? Let’s take a look at their differences:

The parts of the steel warehouse building are all prefabricated in the factory, and the products are directly transported to the construction site, only need to lift and connect. The construction is also very fast, which can meet the urgent warehouse construction needs of some factories. In the construction cycle, steel warehouses have obvious advantages.

Steel warehouse building can be operated without water through dry construction, only generating fine dust, reducing environmental pollution and impact on nearby residents, which is currently impossible for concrete buildings. The advantages of environmental protection are obvious.

steel warehouse building can save construction cost and labor cost more than a traditional concrete warehouse. Building steel warehouses is 2% to 3% lower than traditional concrete buildings, safer and stronger.

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