Many customers who use steel structures for the first time always ask how much the steel building prices per square meter are when they come up. How much does the steel building cost near me? The quotation of steel structure involves many aspects, next we will briefly introduce you three factors that affect the quotation of steel structure. Please continue reading this article.

At present, there are generally two standards for quotation of steel structures, one is based on square meters and the other is based on tonnage. However, these two quotation methods have a gap of one kind or another in the market, and the prices are not uniform.

According to the square meter price, for example, the family loft has $50-80/square meter, and there are also $120-150/square meter and even more than $200 per square meter. Steel structure workshops are available for $50-70 square meters (excluding crane beams) and $100-150/square meters (including crane beams). Projects vary in size and usage requirements.

According to the tonnage price, there are more than $1200 per ton and $1500-2000 per ton, and even more than $3000 per ton. And the Steel Building Prices 2021 is higher than before because of the steel raw material costs increase.

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The Factors Affect the Steel Building Prices

As more and more factories need to be built, the application of steel structure workshops is also widely used, but the prices of different businesses and different materials are very different. It is difficult for many non-professional people to calculate whose prices are more reliable.

Find out how much the actual construction cost is because this is indeed a relatively complicated process. Various costs need to be calculated. Many details are easy to cause negligence. If a project is large, even a screw gasket will have a lot of money, so a steel structure house is necessary to find an experienced company.

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Here we will analyze the main factors that affect the steel building price.


Whether the metal building design is reasonable or not must have an impact. Material saving, good mechanical properties, easy installation, and fewer changes to drawings will be more economic for the total project(Read more about Khome Design Services).

Metal Building Components is also the main factor, such as the size of the building, the number of windows, doors, cubical room, etc., is a very direct way that affects the final cost.

Steel Raw Materials Price

We know that the steel raw materials price change daily like Oil, or Gold, and this is a very important factor that we can’t secure the quotation to you all the time.

Stainless Steel Raw Material - Stainless Steel Raw Material For Door Hinges  / Kabza Manufacturer from Alwar
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Span of Metal Building

The price per square meter of the steel building is also affected by the span, normally, if the design is similar, the price per square meter for large span buildings will be cheaper than the small building.

The above is only a small part of the impact on the price of steel structures, not all apartment types are accurate. In addition to these factors, the span, height, crane tonnage of the structure, and the difference in load values in different regions will have a great impact on the amount of steel.

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Generally speaking, if we need to build a small shed ourselves, the shed can be used well when there is no wind. But suddenly one day it was windy, and it might collapse. It is because the size of the steel frame determines the load-bearing capacity. Therefore, when designing, we must take into account the maximum local wind speed. Therefore, the wind speed must have an impact on the price of the house.

The span of the steel structure is long and short. Generally speaking, the larger the span, the lower the cost. Of course, the span is arranged according to its own needs, and the design is different, and the span is also different. Of course, the requirements for column spacing are also very different. Therefore, it cannot be simply said that the larger the house, the lower the unit price, which is not rigorous.

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In a blizzard, the huge snow load causes damage to the steel frame beam under the action of the bending moment, which will cause the adjacent columns to bear unevenly and instability, resulting in chain damage effects.

Therefore, the resistance to snow pressure was a very important factor when the steel structure was first designed. Although heavy snowfall does not occur every day, for the safety of your building, you must consider it in advance.

The choice of crane tonnage is also a big deal. If the tonnage is too large, it will cause a waste of equipment, and if it is too small, it will not meet the needs of construction.

And the size of the crane directly affects the size of the load-bearing steel frame. The material of the appropriate size will be selected according to your choice. It should not be too large to cause waste, nor too small to cause unusable or reduced life.

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