What Is Pre Engineered Metal Building?

By definition, the pre-engineered metal building is a building system designed to be built and custom positioned for the intended use and the customization added by the owner. Much of the labor to construct the building is designed outside of the structure, as major connections that typically require field welding and voids for doors, windows, and other components are pre-punched prior to delivery.

Yes. Most steel structure building designs will undergo professional structural calculations to ensure the safety of the building structures. Professional design drawings play a critical guiding role in steel structure construction and can guarantee the steel structure project can be completed smoothly.

a. Local weather conditions. We need to know the wind speed, the amount of snow (if it is a snowy area), and the earthquake resistance level.
b. The size of the land can be used for this building.
c. The purpose of the building, such as whether you need it as a labor place, office, or steel frame workshop, etc.

Normally, there are four types of steel structure buildings.

  1. Portal Frame. The steel structure of portal frame structure has the characteristics of simple force, clear force transmission path, quick component production, easy factory processing, short construction period, etc., so it is widely used in industrial and civil buildings such as industry, commerce, cultural and entertainment public facilities, etc. middle.
  2. Frame steel structure. The steel frame is a steel structure composed of steel beams and steel columns that can withstand vertical and horizontal loads. The frame section not only needs to meet the strength and stability of the material, but also needs to ensure the overall rigidity of the frame to meet the design requirements.
  3. Grid Structure. The grid structure is a kind of space-linked structure, and the force-bearing members are connected by nodes according to a certain rule. Used in large-bay public buildings. Not only the materials are economical and the cost is low, but also a large number of parts have the same shape and size, which is convenient for factory production and installation on site.
    Floor Plans
    Some countries don’t accept Chinese standard design; only designs that are made by local design institutes or approved by the local engineers are acceptable. After we settle on the local building codes, we will start to figure out how you plan your space. Our engineer and sale will work together to help you achieve your plan. You are free to tell us your design ideas about your steel buildings. After that, we will integrate your needs and make the optimized design for you. It will not only make full use of your space but also save construction and transportation cost.

In general, the single span of an industrial building is 12-24m, no longer than 30m. If your span is larger than 36m, it needs expert argumentation, mainly demonstrating the possibility (design, construction), reliability, and seismic performance of the scheme to meet the requirements of safe use.

We can offer you three ways to stick with your installation:
a. We can provide you with a manual with photos and drawings, or some videos to help you with the installation. You will organize locals to do the installation. 93% of our clients have completed their homes this way.

b. We can send someone to your site to guide your people through the installation. Or send team members (3-5 people) to your site for installation. This method is the easiest, but you pay for their round-trip airfare, local food, lodging, transportation, communications, and salary, as well as their safety on site. Almost 5% of our customers choose this way. (Under normal circumstances, we will require that the order should exceed 100000USD)

c. You can send personnel (engineers or technicians) to our company to study the installation details. 2% of customers choose to order this way.

In general, the design cost is about 200 dollars. After you confirmed on the order, this 200 dollars will also be regarded as a part of the project cost.

You can provide us with your drawings, if you do not have a clear plan, we can also design according to your requirements, we will provide plans according to local climatic conditions.

We understand that there are lots of stakeholders involved in one project, such as sponsors, partners, or even your own engineers. Thus there will be lots of revision suggestions. We promise that as long as you didn’t confirm the design, we will revise the design based on your opinions. If the design is complicated, we will charge 200 dollars as the design cost. After you confirmed the order, these 200 dollars will be subtracted from the material cost.

Our main markets are Africa and Asia, South America, etc. We have exported to many countries
Example: Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mali, Somalia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Guyana, Iceland, Guatemala, Australia, Belize, France, etc.

Value for Money

The structure of metal building accounts for approximately 10-15% of the total construction cost. Obviously, choosing the right infrastructure is critical in a competitive market. Studies have found that steel structure solutions can reduce the structural cost of a building by up to 6% compared to using concrete framed buildings, which can save you significant amounts of money.

Fast Construction

Steel construction involves prefabricated components that are fabricated on-site and can be installed quickly on-site with little or no problems. This allows for an earlier return on investment and other time-related savings, which can have an excellent impact on profitability.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Structural steel beams with web openings allow for open designs with fewer columns and effective circulation space. This results in a building with a malleable mass and allows all interior walls and fixtures to be replaced if necessary. The metal buildings have the potential to be used for a variety of purposes.

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