Steel Structure Factory Building

Steel Factory Building

Normally, the span of the factory is relatively large. More and more people choose the PEB steel structure factory now, because of low cost and short construction period. A light steel frame factory means that the mainframe is made of steel. It includes steel columns, steel beams, steel roof truss, and etc. The steel structure factory walls can be made of color steel tiles, sandwich panels, or brick walls.

The PEB factory is a new concept of environmentally friendly and economical light steel building with light steel as the framework, sandwich panel as the maintain material, and standard modular series for spatial integration. The components are connected by bolts.

It can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly, realizes the general standardization of temporary buildings, and establishes an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, fast, and efficient construction concept, and makes the temporary steel structure building enter a series of developing, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory, and availability. A stereotyped product can be used for many times turnover.

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  • Load-bearing: The steel structure factory building is under construction load, rain, dust, snow pressure, and maintenance load. The load-bearing performance of metal roof panels is related to the cross-sectional characteristics of the panel, the strength and thickness of the material, the way of force transmission, and the spacing of the purlins.
  • Day lighting: The construction area of ​​the steel structure factory is generally relatively large. In the daytime, skylights are used to improve indoor lighting and save energy. Arrange daylighting panels at specific locations on the metal roof.
  • Moisture-proof: In the rainy summer season, attention should be paid to prevent condensation of water vapor in the bottom layer of the metal roof and the metal roof layer and to remove the water vapor in the metal roof layer.
  • Fire prevention: In the process of using steel structure factories, fire is a big hidden danger. When a fire occurs in a steel structure factory building, the metal roof material will not burn, and the flame will not penetrate the metal roof panel.
  • Anti-leakage: The steel structure factory building must prevent rainwater from seeping into the metal roof panel from the outside. Rainwater enters the metal roof mainly through lap joints or nodes. In order to achieve the function of anti-seepage, it is necessary to use a sealing washer at the screw port and adopt a hidden fixation. Use sealant or welding at the overlap of the board. It is best to use a longboard to eliminate overlap. Tight waterproof treatment for abdominal distension.
  • Prevent noise: Most of the general steel structure factories are used in production. In the process of production and construction, it is inevitable that noise will be generated. The steel structure factories are to prevent noise. Generally, sound insulation materials are filled in the metal roofing layer. The sound insulation effect is related to the density and thickness of the sound insulation material.


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Basic Structure (can be customized)

Embedded parts are components that are pre-buried in a concealed project.

The components placed during the pouring of the structure are used for lap joints when building the superstructure.

It facilitates the installation and fixation of the foundation of external engineering equipment. Most of the embedded parts are made of metal

It is connected to the frame column and as a fulcrum for other beams.

The steel frame type is H-section Steel. Material: Q235B, Q355B, Q298.

The steel frame uses shot blasting to remove the rust, reaching the Sa2.0 standard, Improving the roughness of the work piece and the adhesion of the subsequent paint film.

It also includes Crane Beam, Floor Secondary Beam.

The steel frame type is Hot roll H-section Steel. Material: Q235B, Q355B.

We did 3 layers paint: Primer + Intermediate Paint + Top Paint We’ll paint 2 times per layer, the total paint thickness is around 125μm~150μm based on the local environment.

There are floor purlins, wall purlins, and roof purlins.

Roof purlin sits between the roofing sheets and the roof beam.

It acts as support for the sheet to ensure it is firmly attached and safely in place, and transmits the roof load to the steel frame.

Floor purlins sit between the second floors. It acts as a support for the floor board to ensure the second floor is more durable.

The steel purlins are processed by hot-coiled sheet and cold-bent, with thin wall, light weight, excellent cross-section performance, and high strength.

The material is Q195 or Q345.Common Type: Z-shaped steel purlins and C-shaped steel purlins.

There are two options for the wall. One is sandwich panel; the other is wall steel sheet.

Rock Wool Sandwich Panel surface is 0.2-0.4mm steel sheet.

The core material: EPS/ Rock wool/PU/Glass wool. The thickness is 50mm/75mm/100mm.

It is good at heat insulation, fireproof, soundproof, high loading bearing strength.

The wall steel sheet surface is galvanized and color coated. It is good at high corrosion resistance and powerful cohesion.

Steel Structure Factory Building Advantages

As steel structures are used more and more widely in the market, people are paying more and more attention to steel structure factory buildings, and steel structure factory buildings have many advantages, such as:

  • Light: The steel structure is light in weight, high in strength, and large in span. Compared with traditional concrete structures and masonry structures, it has stable performance, is lightweight, has high strength, and has good seismic performance.
  • Short construction period: The construction period of the steel structure factory building is short, all components are prefabricated in the factory. Not only the completeness of the assembly is high and the precision is high, but also the construction can be greatly accelerated. A building of 6000 square meters can be basically installed in just 40 days.
  • Strong and sturdy: The steel structure factory building has high fire resistance and strong corrosion resistance. Durable and easy to repair the steel structure designed by general-purpose computers can withstand harsh weather and requires simple maintenance.
  • Movable: The steel structure factory building is easy to move, and the recycling is pollution-free. It is also beautiful and practical. The steel structure building has simple and smooth lines, with a modern sense. Colored wall panels have a variety of colors are available, and the wall can also be made of other materials, so it is more flexible.
  • The steel structure has a wide range of uses: it can be applied to factories, warehouses, office buildings, stadiums, hangars, and so on. It is not only suitable for single-story large-span buildings, but also for the construction of multi-story or high-rise buildings.
  • Reasonable cost: The steel structure building has lightweight, reduces the basic cost, and the construction speed is fast.

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