Prefab Metal Steel Workshop Building

Steel Structure Workshop Building

K-home offering you 2 types of steel workshop: single-story and multi-story steel structure workshop building.

A single-story steel structure workshop building refers to an industrial factory building with one floor and a steel structure as the main body.

Single-story steel structure workshops are often used in large-scale machinery and equipment or factories with heavy lifting and transportation equipment, such as hardware and plastics, machinery and equipment, printing paper products, molds, and other industries. Color steel plates are generally used for exterior walls and roofs.

The elevation of the column top of a crane-free workshop is usually determined by the height of the largest production equipment and the net height required for use, installation, and maintenance.

The bottom floor of a multi-story steel structure workshop building is mostly used for arranging the workshops or raw material and finished product warehouses with frequent external transportation of raw materials, large equipment, and more water.

The top floor is mostly used for arranging larger workshops (such as processing and assembly workshops).

The rest of the floors are arranged according to the production line, and the floors are mainly connected by freight elevators, and the stairs should be arranged against the outer wall.

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Our Steel Workshop Building Advantages

Durable Structure

The steel structure is made of steel, and when cold-formed steel is used in conjunction, it gives the steel structure engineering good stability and long service life.

High Strength

Steel structure engineering is characterized by high strength, lightweight, and high rigidity, so it is used to build large-span and high-height buildings. The material has good homogeneity and isotropy, which is an ideal elastomer.

Fast Construction

Steel structural components are pre-manufactured in the factory. and you can easily assemble on site. In this way, the speed is faster and the construction period can be reduced by about 40%.

Save cost

Due to the pre-production (reduction of manpower cost and raw material cost), the capital construction cost is reduced. that the

Environment Friendly

The raw materials can be recycled, which is conducive to environmental protection and sustainable development.

High degree of industrialization

It is suitable for mechanical processing. The various components that make up the steel structure are generally made in specialized processing plants and then transported to the site, where they are assembled and hoisted by welding and bolts.



Steel structure building design is the most important thing to the whole project. A good design can not only guarantee the safety of the whole structure but can also save costs for clients.


The steel structure workshop building is a highly industrialized product with a short lead time. Its production process will be as follows.

1. Cutting. K-Home will use a CNC multi-head cutting machine to cut and remove the dust and dirt on the cutting surface before cutting to keep the cutting parts clean and flat.

2. Welding. The steel column and the steel beam are welded by automatic submerged arc welding, and the ribbed plate of the column-beam connecting plate is manually welded to ensure better airtightness and water tightness.

3. Shot Blasting. K-Home will use a shot blasting machine to do rust removal work. Compare to other surface treatment technology, shot blasting is quicker and more efficient, and can achieve Sa2.0 de-rusting standard. After the shot blasting, the painting coat and the steel material will have a stronger bonding force, so the life span of the coating will be longer, having good long-term economic benefits.

4. Painting. The surface isolation coating has an efficient isolation function, so as to block the direct contact between the outside world and the metal substrate, and completely eliminate the source of corrosion. Considering the long-term economy, a well-constructed coating can be repaired within 10 years. Epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy mica intermediate paint and acrylic polyurethane long-term protection system have better economic efficiency.

5. Acceptance Check. In the inspection of the entire steel structure, it is necessary to inspect the size and flatness of the member, the surface defect of the member, the connection between the members, the inspection using welding and bolting, the corrosion inspection of the steel and the thickness of the fireproof coating. K-Home will provide a certificate of conformity when the steel structure leaves the factory. If the customer has doubts about its quality, the mechanical performance test of the steel can be added, and its chemical composition needs to be tested when necessary.


1. Foundation Preparation.

2. Main Structure Installation.

3. Secondary Structure Installation.

4. Roof System Installation.

5. Wall System Installation.

6. Flashing & Finishing  

1. Determine whether the building is suitable for steel structure

The steel structure is usually used for high-rise, large-span, complex body, heavy load or crane lifting, large vibration, high-temperature workshop, high tightness requirements, movable or frequent assembly, and disassembly structures. Such as buildings, stadiums, opera houses, bridges, TV towers, warehouses, factories, residential buildings, and temporary buildings. This is consistent with the characteristics of the steel structure itself.

2. Steel Structure building type selection

In the light steel industrial plant, when there is a large suspended load or moving load, you can consider abandoning the portal frame and adopting the grid frame. In areas with heavy snow pressure on the roof, the roof curve should be conducive to snow sliding. Similar considerations are given to areas with heavy rainfall. When the building permits, the arrangement of supports in the frame will be more economical than the frame with simple joints just connected.

3. Estimated cross-section

After the structural layout is completed, a preliminary estimation of the component section is required. It is mainly the assumption of the cross-sectional shape and size of beams, columns, and supports. Structural engineers should reasonably choose safe, economical, and beautiful cross-sections according to the stress conditions of the components.

4. Structural analysis

Complex structures need to model and run programs and do detailed structural analysis.

5. Component design

The design of components is first of all the choice of materials. The more commonly used ones are Q235B and Q355B. Usually, a single steel grade is used for the main structure to facilitate project management. For economic considerations, it is also possible to choose a combined cross-section of different strength steels. When the intensity plays a control role, Q355B can be selected; when stable control, Q235B should be used.

6. Node design

The design of connecting nodes is one of the important contents in the steel structure design. The difference in connection has a great influence on the structure. High-strength bolts are increasingly widely used. Two strength levels of 8.8s and 10.9s are commonly used. Commonly used m16~m30.

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