Steel Workshop kit Design(70×180)

70X180 metal workshop is the steel structure composed of processing, connecting, and installing steel plates, round steel, steel pipes, and other types of steel.

Metal Workshop

The metal steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials and is one of the main types of building structures. The metal workshop building is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses, and other components made of section steel and steel plates, and adopts rust removal and rust prevention processes such as silanization, pure manganese phosphating, washing and drying, and galvanizing. Welds, bolts, or rivets are usually used to connect components or parts. Because of its lightweight and simple construction, it is widely used in large workshops, venues, super high-rises, and other fields. The steel structure is easy to rust.

Generally, the steel structure needs to be trusted, galvanized, or painted, and it needs to be regularly maintained.

Specs of 70×180 Metal Workshop

Standard featuresAdditional Features
Main Steel StructureRool-up Door
Secondary FramingAluminum Window
Single roof and wall sheetDoor canopy
Bracing and anchor boltsVentilator
Trim and flashingFRP panel
Water gutter and downspout 

The Advantages of Metal Workshop

  1. 1-stop service: We can provide you 1-stop service, you will see, our supply scope from the main steel structure to windows, doors, and all those systems we can provide to you.
  2. Earthquake resistance: The roof structure basically adopts a triangular roof truss system made of cold-formed steel components. After sealing the structural plates, the light steel components form a very strong plate-rib structure system. This steel structure building structure system has more advantages. Strong anti-seismic and horizontal load resistance, suitable for areas with seismic intensity above 8 degrees.
  3. Wind resistance: The steel structure building is light in weight, high in strength, good in overall rigidity, and strong in deformation ability. The weight of the building is only about 20% of that of the brick-concrete structure, and it can resist a hurricane of 70 meters per second, so that life and property can be effectively protected.
  4. Durability: The light steel structure of the steel workshops is all composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel components, and the steel frame is made of super anti-corrosion high-strength cold-rolled galvanized sheet, which effectively avoids the influence of corrosion of the steel plate during construction and use, and increases the durability of light steel components. service life. The structural life can be up to 100 years.
  5. Health: dry construction, reduce environmental pollution caused by waste, 100% of steel structure materials can be recycled, and most other supporting materials can be recycled, in line with current environmental awareness; all materials are green building materials, meet the requirements of ecological environment, good for health.
  6. Fast assemble all dry work construction, not affected by environmental seasons. For a building of about 300 square meters, only 5 workers and 30 working days can complete the whole process from foundation to decoration.
  7. Environmental protection and energy saving: materials can be 100% recycled, truly green, and pollution-free. All adopt high-efficiency energy-saving walls, which have good thermal insulation, heat insulation, and sound insulation effects, and can reach 50% energy saving standards.

What are the factors affecting the cost of metal buildings?

When we are talking about the price of the metal building, we can’t say an exact price to you, because it will be affected by some factors as below:

  1. The steel price: The price is not fixed, it goes up and down with the market.
  2. The design: The design factor also affects the quotation and cost of the steel structure workshop. The design directly determines the number of materials used. The design of the construction drawings and schemes is reasonable or unreasonable, and the quotation cost can also be reflected. The design mainly affects the basic design, steel beams, In the design of the column mesh, these related aspects should be taken into account when designing to make the entire structural scheme more reasonable.
  3. Installation cost: A good construction team not only has high quality, short construction period but also saves cost.


Metal Buildings are a structure composed of steel materials and are one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of beam steel, steel column, steel truss, and other components made of section steel and steel plate, and adopts rust removal and rust prevention processes such as silanization, pure manganese phosphating, washing, drying, and galvanizing. Welds, bolts, or rivets are usually used to connect components or parts. On a global scale, steel structures have been reasonably and widely used in the field of construction engineering.

The steel structure industry is usually divided into five sub-categories: light steel structure, high-rise steel structure, residential steel structure, space steel structure, and bridge steel structure. Steel has high strength and a high modulus of elasticity. Compared with concrete and wood, the ratio of its density to yield strength is relatively low, so under the same stress conditions, the steel structure has a small cross-section and is lightweight, which is convenient for transportation and installation, and is suitable for large spans, high heights, and heavy loads. Structure. It is suitable for bearing shock and dynamic load and has good seismic performance. The internal structure of steel is uniform, close to an isotropic homogeneous body.

Generally speaking, the door on the market can provide. But we mainly provide roll-up doors, shutter doors, sliding doors, and steel doors.

Windows are aluminum windows with a single layer or double layer, louver windows, etc.

The cost of the metal building differs drastically because the building is a complex system that the material of the steel depends on the weather condition. And the price of steel can change day by day and is also be affected by the exchange currency, lack of supply, or world affairs.

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