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“Keeping up with the times” became a buzzword more than a decade ago. And people continue to follow the pace of the times from the four aspects of “food, clothing, housing, and transportation”. Among them, “living” has become the top priority of the moment. From traditional brick-concrete houses, frame-structured houses, wood-framed houses, to the latest steel-structured houses, they have all begun to enter the field of residential housing construction. It is the metal building homes that are deeply discussed and sought after by the public.

metal building homes

Prefabricated metal building homes have four advantages of “light, fast, good and economical”:
Light – overall lightweight;
Fast – the construction cycle is fast;
Good – the building is of good quality;
Save – save worry, save money and effort.

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The advantages of metal home building

Why do more and more people choose metal building homes? We will analyze the advantages of the metal building homes here, for you could have further understanding of this product.

Earthquake resistance

Under the same seismic intensity, because the main body of the steel structure is relatively light, its stress is smaller than that of the ordinary concrete structure. When an earthquake occurs, it will vibrate up and down or left and right and the interconnected steel structures form a stable box shape, which will not cause the floor to collapse or the wall steel structure to collapse due to shaking. At the same time, the steel structure building itself has certain ductility and elasticity, so it can better keep the overall structure from being damaged when the building shakes.

Wind resistance

Strictly speaking, the wind resistance level of the steel structure can be divided into two parts, the wind resistance level of the steel frame and the wind resistance level of the maintenance part. The steel frame itself is light in weight and small in structure, so it can be designed to resist hurricanes. The second is the enclosure part. The enclosure part refers to the wall system, roof system, etc. The wind resistance level depends on your choice of materials.

Metal home building is very durable

Whether the Prefab steel home is strong is mainly reflected in the Steel house kits and service life of the house, while the light steel house is a residential unit with steel as the main building material, with high bearing capacity, more stable and firmer than the traditional brick-wood and brick-concrete technology. Moreover, according to the design guidelines of the American Iron and Steel Institute, light steel materials can be used for hundreds of thousands of years without any problem.

Thermal Insulation

The sandwich panel of Simple metal building homes is a popular choice for metal building homes. Usually rock wool is the top one because it has the best fireproof grade in the market now, and the price is very affordable.

Sound insulation

The sound insulation is good or bad depending on the choice of the envelope material. You can choose good or bad according to your requirements.


First of all: there will not be too much construction waste during construction.

Second: the construction does not require too much manpower and mechanical equipment, so it will reduce a lot of noise pollution.

Most importantly, the steel structure itself is a recyclable material. After decades or hundreds of years, your house can continue to be recycled. Compared with traditional buildings, it is a very good material.

The construction of the metal building home is very fast

All components are factory-produced and then shipped to the site for installation. The components are basically connected by bolts, and there are few welded parts, so the on-site workload is small and the pollution to the surrounding environment is small. At the same time, the construction mechanization degree is high, which speeds up the construction speed. Therefore, the construction is convenient and the construction period is short. According to statistics, for buildings of the same area, the construction period of steel structures can be shortened by 1/3 compared with brick-concrete structures, and construction materials and labor costs can be saved.

Environmental protection

All the material can be recycled, and 100% recycled, which the other house products can never compare. It matches our yearning for a better future life.


“Energy-saving building” requires from the outer wall to the inner wall, from the roof to the ground, from the shade to the balcony, from the outer window to the door; at present, my country requires that the design of residential buildings should meet the standard of 50% of the second stage, of which the building part accounts for 50% of the standard. 30%; heating and heating system accounts for 20%. On the premise of ensuring that the use function, building quality, and indoor thermal environment meet the goals of a well-off society, the indoor temperature in summer is lower than 30°C, and the indoor temperature in heating areas reaches 18°C ​​in winter. The basic requirement.

In terms of image, it is to “put on cotton-padded clothes”, “put on cotton-padded hats” and “put on cotton-padded shoes” for buildings. Make it warm in winter and cool in summer to improve the comfort of the living environment. “Building energy conservation” refers to the rational use and effective use of energy in buildings, continuously improving energy utilization, greatly reducing building energy consumption, saving heating and air conditioning operating costs, saving energy, improving the environment, and benefiting mankind.

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