Livestock Farms

Usage: Chicken house, duck house, goose house, pig house, sheep house, cattle house.

Steel Structure Livestock Farms

Description of Steel Structure Livestock Farms

With the popularity of steel structures in the construction industry, more and more industries choose steel structure buildings. The Steel Livestock Buildings have also gradually replaced the traditional concrete buildings, which are widely recognized by the breeding industry.

According to the different types of livestock, the steel structure Livestock Farms can be divided into steel structure chicken house, steel structure duck house and steel structure goose house, steel structure pig house, steel structure sheep house, and steel structure cattle house.

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Why Choose Steel Structure Livestock Farms?

Compared with the traditional concrete aquaculture plant, all components of the Steel Structure Livestock Farms are prefabricated in the factory, and only simple assembly is required on site. Therefore, the structure performance is good, the construction period is short, and the wind and earthquake resistance performance is strong. In the event of earthquakes, typhoons, and other disasters, the steel structure can avoid the collapse of the farm. The weight of the steel structure is relatively light, which can reduce casualties such as collapse and injury. The on-site construction period is short, there is basically no wet operation, and no environmental pollution of dust and sewage will be generated. The steel structure can be disassembled, which is convenient for the relocation of the workshop, and the steel can be recycled, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly and reduces environmental pollution. Compared with the concrete workshop of the same specification, the steel structure workshop has a smaller cross-section of structural components and a relatively larger building area.

What factors affect the construction cost of Steel Livestock Farms?

The raw material

The fluctuation of the market price of steel structure raw materials directly affects the cost of the steel structure workshop. The material and the bearing surface of the section steel and the material and thickness of the enclosure plate are also very different. The steel structure raw material is the main factor of the cost of the steel structure workshop.

Design Factors

Design is the fundamental issue of saving raw materials and controlling the cost of steel structure workshops. Different design schemes of steel structure workshops are an important reason for the change of raw material value, which directly affects the total cost of steel structure workshops.

Installation Factors

The length of the construction period is also a part of the cost of the steel structure workshop, and the proficiency of the installation technology is the main reason for the extension of the construction period. The construction of steel structure workshop is a systematic project, involving a wide range of factors, construction period, policy changes, a large number of factors, and other factors that will affect the cost of steel structure workshop. Having an efficient and skilled installation team can save owners a lot of time and cost!

Characteristics of The Steel Livestock Farms:

The steel structure is light in weight. Although the bulk density of the steel structure is large, its strength is much higher than that of other building materials. Therefore, when the load and conditions are the same, the steel structure is lighter than other structures, which is convenient for transportation and installation and can span more large span.

The plasticity and toughness of steel are good. The plasticity is good so that the steel structure will not break suddenly due to accidental overloading or local overloading. Good toughness makes the steel structure more adaptable to dynamic loads. These properties of steel provide a sufficient guarantee for the safety and reliability of the steel structure.

Steel is closer to a homogeneous and isotropic body. The internal structure of steel is relatively uniform, very close to a homogeneous and isotropic body, and is almost completely elastic within a certain stress range. These properties are in line with the assumptions in the mechanical calculation, so the calculation results of the steel structure are more in line with the actual stress situation.

The steel structure is simple to manufacture, easy to use industrial production, and the construction and installation period is short. The steel structure is composed of various profiles and is easy to manufacture. A large number of steel structures are manufactured in specialized metal structure fabrication plants; with high precision. The fabricated components are transported to the site for assembly and are connected by bolts. The structure is light, so the construction is convenient and the construction period is short. In addition, the completed steel structure can be easily dismantled, strengthened, or retrofitted.

The sealing of the steel structure is good. The airtightness and water tightness of the steel structure are good.

The heat resistance of the steel structure is good, but the fire resistance is poor. Steel is heat resistant but not heat resistant. As the temperature increases, the strength decreases. When there is radiant heat around and the temperature is above 150 degrees, shielding measures should be taken. In the event of a fire, when the temperature of the structure reaches 500 degrees or more, it may all collapse instantaneously. In order to improve the fire resistance of the steel structure, it is usually wrapped with concrete or bricks.

Steel is easy to rust, and protective measures should be taken. Steel is prone to rust in wet environments, especially in environments with corrosive media, and must be painted or galvanized, and it should be regularly maintained during use.

Temperature is very important to livestock, so it is very important that Steel Livestock Buildings maintain a constant temperature. So let’s talk about what kind of insulation Livestock Farms is the best.

Thermal insulation is generally made of inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the outer layer is wrapped with inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic material is conducive to cleaning and disinfection. Durable, high strength, good impact resistance, abrasion resistance and wind resistance, high-temperature resistance, freezing resistance (freezing resistance is 10 times that of cement products), acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, use The lifespan can be more than twenty years. The inorganic FRP livestock and poultry house can be reasonably planned and designed according to the current situation of the site and the requirements of the owner and can be quickly built and put into use in a relatively short period of time.

Because the material has thermal insulation properties, and the thermal insulation properties are also very good, the sunlight in summer is impervious to the sun, and there is no radiation, so it is very suitable for the cooling of livestock.

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