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Steel structural poultry buildings can be divided into poultry steel structural breeding buildings and animal steel structural breeding buildings. In accordance with the variety of animal nutrients. Poultry steel structural breeding buildings include Chicken Farms, steel structure duck Farms.

Compared to traditional concrete buildings, all components of steel structure poultry houses are prefabricated in the factory, and only simply assembled on site. Therefore, the structural performance is good, the construction period is short, and the wind resistance is strong.

Short-on-site construction period, basically no wet operation does not produce dust and sewage environmental pollution. The steel structure is detachable, facilitates the relocation of the factory, and the steel can be recycled, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly reduction of environmental pollution. Compare a same-size concrete plant, steel structural plant structural components are small, and the area of ​​construction is relatively large.

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How Much does it Cost to Build a Chicken Farms?

There are two options we can provide for you. The first is: galvanized steel pipe for steel column and steel beam + cold curved thin-walled steel to do truss roof and equipped with other enclosure system materials, the main structure is relatively inexpensive.

The other is the main body structure of the whole house with cold bending wall steel, which is equipped with other enclosures, the price is a little expensive. You can choose according to your budget.

What are the 3 Types of Chicken Farms?

  • The Chicken Farms is generally 6 to 15 meters wide, 30 to 100 meters long. The height is generally 2.2 to 5 meters.
  • The Chicken Farms types have an open, window-type, closed-oriented, etc., depending on climatic conditions.
  • Open Chicken Farms is suitable for warm regions of the climate, considering sunshade and rain.
  • There is basically natural ventilation, which can also be mechanically ventilated, and the window area must be guaranteed to ventilate and prevent heat radiation.

The closed Chicken Farms must have a good thermal insulation performance, consolidated, air, light, in order to create a suitable growth environment for the chicken group, maximize its production efficacy. In countries developed in industrial, some cocks have thin-walled steel and use high-efficiency insulation roofs and walls with lightweight and fast installation.

In China, the Chicken Farms is still mainly based on the mixed structure, with a brick wall, steel roof or reinforced concrete combination roof, machine and cotton roof, etc. In recent years, the structure of the prestressed folding plate, aerated concrete roof, reinforced concrete door steel frame and assembly wall panel has also been tried in the chicken house. In addition, there is also lightweight covering material such as a trial plastic film to build a small chicken house.

The Requirements of the Construction of the Chicken Farms

Feeding environment, winter cool, summer cool, sunshine, well ventilated, clean and hygienic, can defend against the beast, easy to manage. Problems should be paid to the construction of a Chicken Farms:

  1. The choice of the site should be built in the groundwater level is low, dry, easy to drain, reliable sanitation place.
  2. The choice of environment Chicken Farms should choose a quiet place in the environment, to avoid traffic arteries, no factories, schools and agencies near the poultry house, but the traffic should be convenient.  This is not only conducive to epidemic prevention but also easy to solve transportation problems.
  3. Hydropower should be guaranteed to pay attention to water and water quality, water source should be rich, well water quality, and groundwater. In addition, the electricity is reliable, requiring a power supply, and conditional should have a self-sufficient generator set.
  4. Pay attention to the ventilation of most chickens to use natural ventilation. The architectural direction of the chicken house should generally be south to the south or in the southeast, and require the ground to be slightly tilted, in the upper position. But it is not advisable to build a field in the mountains to avoid invasion of cold wind in winter.
  5. The scale considering the variability constructs of the huge construction should be determined according to the number of funds and labor, while also considering the variability of building equipment, in order to develop, expand the scale.

How Much Space Do You Need for 100 Chickens?

The chicken area is determined according to the breeding variety, the feeding method, and the scale of the chickens.

Generally, it takes about 100 square meters to raise 1,000 chickens.

  1. Construction of chicken site: 1000 chickens of farmers need 100 sqaure meters, so that chickens are running, low density, and the survival rate of chickens is higher.
  2. The construction of the Chicken Farms: 1000 Chicken requires the area of ​​the chicken house is 120 square meters, no need to repair how luxurious, as long as you can avoid the rain, the chicken is playing outside, and go back to the chicken in the evening.
  3. Free-range chicken house: A chicken need habitat position is about 20– 25 cm, so for 1000 adult chickens, so the space is about 250 meters.

In fact, how many areas are needed to raise 1,000 chickens? In addition to the breeding density, it has to consider the breeding method. Suitable venues can be conducive to manage chicken farms, and will also reduce the risk of breeding.

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